Leave Your Roofing To Us At United Roofing

United Roofing Is Minnesota’s Roofing Experts

United Roofing is a full service construction and roofing company that has been serving Minnesota for over 20 years. The goals of United Roofing and all of its highly skilled roofing contractors are to provide you with excellence in service, roofing and construction.

United Roofing’s most valuable asset is you, the customer. We need your referrals. We appreciate the domino effect of our customers speaking highly of us and recommending us to friends and associates. For that reason, United Roofing roofers are trained in continuously, in the principles of being thorough, paying attention to detail, doing business with integrity, and of being oriented to achieve our goals of earning your satisfaction and recommendations.

Our mission is excellence in roofing and construction. Our aim is to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing excellent workmanship and customer service. You will find our values of excellence in service, thoroughness and integrity a refreshing change from the standard fare of companies you may have come across. Our foremost interest is to earn and maintain your optimum satisfaction.

No matter what your roofing needs are, United Roofing can help you from beginning to end. We have the skills and expertise to get your job done!

United Roofing will provide you with the information you need to make a wise decision.                         Call for a free home inspection of your home!     612-617-1717


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One Response to “Leave Your Roofing To Us At United Roofing”

  1. Toronto Roofing Says:

    Nice blog mate, very technical know how about roofing construction and maintenance.

    Toronto Flat Roofing

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