Qualify For The 2009 Stimulus Energy Tax Credit For Doors And Windows From United Roofing

United Roofinghouse with windows For Your Next Home Improvement Project

If you are planning to replace your windows or doors with new energy-efficient models, then 2009 is the best year to do it.  For the next 2 years, you can receive a tax credit for 30% of the cost of qualified energy-efficient windows and doors, up to $1500.00.  This is a big opportunity to make those home improvements you have been putting off.  Now Congress and The President have passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, aka “The Stimulus.”  Inside is a provision that triples the tax credit for 2006 and 2007.

You have to be a smart shopper.   Only the most energy-efficient windows and doors qualify for the tax credit. In addition, United Roofing can install your new doors or windows to save you on energy bills and keep you comfortable all year round.

United Roofing has been working with homeowners in Minnesota to provide quality services for all of their home improvement needs for over 20 years.  Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service available by offering the highest quality products at the best value possible.

We work for homeowners who believe in maintaining their greatest investment, their home.  We help by making their homes energy-efficient, maintenance free and beautiful.  All of our products are top rated.  We like to help homeowners by providing ideas and educating them about the options that are available to improve their homes.  We offer a variety of services from our seasoned experts in the field to give you the best services available.  Our team of trained craftsman have years of valuable experience in the construction industry.

Now is the time to call United Roofing! 612-617-1717


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