What Products Qualify For The Stimulus Energy Tax Credit?

United Roofing Does Windows!

To get your $1500 tax credit, you want to shop wisely.  Doors and windows with a U-Factor of .30 meet the new requirements for the energy tax credit for 2009.  U-Factor is a measure of the windows overall energy-efficiency.  Windows and doors also need a Solar Hear Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of .30 or less.  A low SHGC blocks the heat of the sun, reducing the load on your air conditioner.

United Roofing has been in the business of home improvement for over 20 years.  We have also been in the business of helping people by providing them with the best services available.  We do this by providing them with them with energy-efficient products for maintaining their homes.

There is some confusion about the tax credit right now, and you do not want to be left out in the cold. (No pun intended)  What you need to do is make sure that any replacement door or window you buy has a U-Factor and SHGC of .30 or less.  You can verify this with your United Roofing contractor. You can also visit the NFRC at www.nfrc.org .

Shop smart…call United Roofing today!  612-617-1717

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