Fundamentals Of Insulation And Ventilation For Your Home

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Insulation and Ventilation Fundamentals:
Insulation and ventilation work together to keep your home comfortable.  Adequate ventilation creates a positive flow of air that allows a house to breathe and helps prevent moisture from damaging your attic and walls year-round.  Because warm air rises, vents are placed in the soffits or low on the rooftop to let fresh air in, and along the ridge of the roof, or in the gables to let the warm air escape.  Ventilation is especially needed in unused attics where insulation has been added to keep heat from leaking out of the rooms below in winter months.


1. Natural or static ventilation systems consist of simple vent or covered openings in your attic.  Many experts agree that externally baffled ridge vents combined with vented soffits are the most effective method for ventilating an attic.

2. Many codes require a ventilation area equal to at least one three-hundredth of the attic floor area. Ideally, 50% of the required ventilating area should be provided by vents located in the upper portion of your attic, while the remaining 50% should be provided by eave vents.  Baffles at the soffits are necessary to protect insulation from airflow due to wind.  Air movement through the material will reduce the effective thermal resistance.

Ventilation Systems: Protect your roof from premature deterioration by providing effective ventilation
Insulation: With the price of energy rising, insulation is one of the most important items for your home or building.

Choosing who installs it, is as critical as choosing the right products for your home.  United Roofing is a full service company for commercial and residential property owners in Minnesota.  We can help increase the value of your home while keeping maintenance costs low.

We help by making their homes energy-efficient, maintenance free and beautiful.  All of our products are top rated.  We like to help homeowners by providing ideas and educating them about the options that are available to improve their homes.  We offer a variety of services from our seasoned experts in the field to give you the best services available.

Now is the time to call a roofing contractor!


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