Minnesota Vinyl Siding Contractor

How Does Vinyl Siding Compare With Other Siding Products?

In a way, it is almost no contest.  When compared to wood, brick, stone, stucco, and metal sidings based on initial cost, maintenance costs, appearance, durability and value, vinyl siding is clearly superior.  Vinyl siding provides all the beauty of expensive wood sidings with your choice of smooth or grained surfaces; rich, low-gloss colors; and a variety of classic siding profiles.

United Roofing offers a broad range of vinyl siding products, so you can choose one that is easily affordable.  Whichever you choose, you can expect the highest quality and lasting beauty.  Another benefit to vinyl siding is that it never needs painting or staining.  It does not chip, peel, dent or rot, so you can forget costly repairs.  Just rinse occasionally with a garden hose.  And because vinyl is the preferred siding for more and more homeowners, it retains most of its installed cost.

Your siding has to be versatile enough to perform in all types of weather.  Your home can take a beating from the elements to the exterior and siding is critical in ensuring your investment and the safety and health of your family.  As your Twin Cities Siding Contractor, we understand this.

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