A Quick Roof Inspection Can Save You Thousands Of $ On A New Roof

A Quick Roof Check Can Save You Thousands Of $

With the cooler temperatures lurking around the corner, this is the time to remember last winter’s experiences and take care of them now.

Last year we had a surge of phone calls coming in from homeowners frantic that the ceiling or walls were going to cave in because they encountered water seeping down their homes’ inside wall.  Or tenants were worried about walking out the front door because of excessive amount of icicles hanging overhead and on the side of the building.  They were experiencing Ice Damming

Most homeowners, developers and property managers think that ice damming is only a roofing problem.  It is actually an insulation and ventilation problem.  Here is what happens.  After a snowfall, the snow begins to melt next to the roof creating a layer of standing water.  Add to that the hydrostatic pressure of the ice and snow and water appears in places that normally would not leak.

To Fixing the Problem… Call Your Local Roofing Professional To Diagnose the Right Solution!

Your Local Roofing Professional will take a look at your roof and look for telltale signs of damage.  These signs can include granules missing from your shingles, weak spots, blisters, cracks, and missing shingles.  An inspector can evaluate your eaves and valleys to ensure that they are not leaking or will not be leaking in the near future.  By having these regular inspections, you can extend the life of your roof.  You will not have to make extremely premature replacements, which can save you a lot of money in the long-term. You certainly do not want to replace a thirty-year roof in fifteen.

A lot of money was spent on roofs a couple years ago when we all experienced heavy snow and freezing temperatures.  What if that money was spent unwisely?  What if all you needed to do was check for insulation and ventilation?  Isn’t it worth the 15-minute inspection?

Contact United Roofing & Remodeling now to setup a roof inspection with one of our roofing specialists at 612-617-1717


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