As Often As You Look Through Your Windows, You Also Look At Them!

Thermal Efficient Windows Provide Comfort Year-round

Carefully chosen, few investments can add more value to a home than new windows.
It is important to understand that the true value in windows is a combination of beauty, thermal efficiency, and performance.  That is why United Roofing sells and installs only triple-paned, thermal performance windows.

As often as you look through windows, you also look at them.  Each and every detail matters.
Select beauty to complement your home as well as efficiency.  Select slim, trim lines to create a graceful impression that emphasizes the view, not the window.  Make sure that frames and sashes have a carpentered look.  Choose locks and hardware that perfectly match the rest of the window, ones that practically disappear.

Energy savings — winter and summer.

Thermal efficient windows delivers value two ways—by providing real comfort year-round, and by helping save money on cooling and heating.  We use only windows that are designed to deliver outstanding thermal performance.

  1. Honeycomb frames filled with insulating air spaces that significantly reduce condensation;
  2. Double weather-stripping that locks out wind and weather;
  3. Double- and triple-paned integral glazing systems;
  4. High performance Low “E” glazing systems to keep summer heat out and winter heat in better than any other system in its class, and to significantly reduce damaging UV rays.

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One Response to “As Often As You Look Through Your Windows, You Also Look At Them!”

  1. Robert Green Says:

    You are right to sell Triple Pane windows in your area of the country. You really need a low U Factor in MN.

    Your information on your blog and website is top notch and it sounds like you are performing a great service for your clients. Good work!

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