What Window Considerations Should You Look For?

Window Specifications: Glass, Glazing, and Frames

When it comes to Vinyl Replacement Windows or Installing Windows, there are 4 areas of the new window’s makeup that should be of concern when making your choice.  Watch for the various window models and options available to assure you that you are getting the finest performance and durability available in today’s window products.

When selecting new windows, there are basic standards to be considered in 4 critical areas:

1.  The Glazing System: Permits light to enter without regard to the weather.

2.  The Operating Sashes: Hold the glass, and open and close to allow ventilation.

3.  The Frame System: Anchors the window unit to the wall.

4.  Hardware System and Components: opens and closes the sash, (tilts, slides or hinges) and/or locks the sash.

Each of these areas are important considerations in your selection.  It is these systems, working in concert, that produce energy efficiency, beauty, durability, ease of operation and safety and security in all products you may consider.

New windows add value and style to your home, reducing maintenance and cleanup while saving energy and the environment.  Contact us United Roofing today at 612-617-1717 for a free consultation on how we can transform your home.

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