What Are The Major Types of Single-Ply Roofing Systems For Commercial Properties?

TPO, EPDM, and PVC Are The Three Major Types of Single-Ply Membranes

Single-Ply membranes have been around for over 20 years.  The biggest advantages to these single-ply roofing systems are is that they are light weight per square foot.  This makes them an ideal choice for retro-fitting over an existing roof system.  This allows for quicker installation, less disruptions to the building owner, and most importantly, cost savings.  Many single-ply membranes are white and provide superior reflectivity, which in turn helps to reduce A/C costs during summer months.  These roof coatings are very versatile and can be applied on a large variety of roof systems.  Extremely durable & easily installed by authorized contractors without disruption to daily operations, the roofing system is also leak-proof, energy-efficient, chemical & fire resistant, resistant to high winds, & virtually maintenance-free.

The importance of roof coatings cannot be ignored if you want to avoid the complications of roof repair.  Select only quality products for roof repairing will assure you of the best results and minimize future repair costs to your property. 

Commercial roofing systems have improved in durability and longevity through years of trial and error from almost every major manufacturer in the industry.  Thanks to their efforts, the leading commercial roofing manufacturers are producing better products, even for old concepts.  That’s why flat roof systems are being used on everything from laundry mats to shopping malls and banks.  The biggest concern for architects and commercial builders is selecting the right system and finding a qualified roofing contractor to install it properly.

EPDM Single – Ply Roofing System
PVC Single – Ply Roofing System
TPO Single – Ply Roofing System


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  1. Ken Leal Says:

    Roofs of our house or office play an important role, as they add life to the infrastructure. Roofs complete the building and also give protection against rain, cold, sunlight and more

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