Selecting A Roofing Product Part 1

Selecting a roofing shingle is knowing whether your primary goal is function only, or function plus aesthetics.

Sometimes a homeowner who is looking to reroof for functional reasons may see a standard three-tab roofing shingle on a neighbor’s home and decide to go with the same product choice— and maybe even the same color.  But if appearance is a major factor in your reroof decision, then take the time to really look around.  You may want to visit a local distributor to obtain product literature and see the various designer shingle choices available.

The following some of the questions you can ask your roofing contractor when choosing a roofing shingle.

What’s the difference between an architectural, or designer, shingle and a standard shingle?

Since the early 1900’s, the three-tab or strip shingle was the standard composition shingle installed on single family residences.  These products come with 20, 25 and 30 year warranty coverage.

Color is about the only appearance differentiation in this class of shingle.  In 1965, CertainTeed

Corporation introduced the Hallmark Shangle, the first architectural or designer shingle on the market. The standard laminated “dragon-tooth” design followed that.  Other important innovations in architectural shingles include the Super Shangle and Super Shake styles.  Today, the architectural shingle class is running away with the market.

Warranties range up to 40 years and even lifetime.  Color is no longer the only choice to make.  The many textures, forms and designs of architectural shingles in the marketplace can result in a major aesthetic upgrade for your home.  Ask your roofing contractor to show you a good, better, and best selection of products.

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