Does The Slope Of The Roof Limit My Choice In Shingles?

What is roof slope?  Does the slope of the roof limit the choice of shingle that can be used?

The slope of the roof is measured by the rise versus the run, or the number of inches vertically by the number of feet horizontally.   Some roof slopes can limit the choice of shingles that can be used.

For Instance:

• A roof slope below 2/12 (2 inches per one foot) cannot use shingles.

• Roof slope between 2/12 and 4/12 require low-slope application techniques, including application of waterproofing underlayment as appropriate.

• Roof slopes above 21/12 require steep-slope application techniques.

Your roofing contractor should consult the application instructions found on each shingle bundle wrapper or installation instructions supplied separately for further details.


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