What Is HardiPlank Siding?

The world of siding today offers homeowners numerous options from which to choose.  From wood to vinyl to stucco to stone, anyone looking to add or replace siding can certainly get overwhelmed by the amount of competing materials involved.  While vinyl might be the most widely-used siding material around, another alternative has been growing in popularity in recent years due to its many benefits – HardiPlank.

HardiPlank is a great choice for homeowners looking to invest in solid household siding.  HardiPlank is a type of fiber-cement siding, as it is comprised of cellulose fibers and cement-like components.  Although it was initially introduced as an alternative to masonite, HardiPlank is actually a far superior material for siding purposes – especially since Masonite has a tendency to rot over time due to sun exposure.

One primary benefit of HardiPlank is that it offers the look of real wood siding, but without all the maintenance.  Unlike wood, which requires extensive upkeep, HardiPlank will not rot or warp over time.  On the other hand, HardiPlank is almost as thick as wood siding, making it appealing for those who find themselves drawn to the aesthetics of wood but turned off by the notion of having to work so hard to preserve it.  An additional visual benefit of HardiPlank is that it is easy to paint, thereby offering homeowners the option of customizing their exteriors according to their individual tastes.

Another advantage of HardiPlank is that it does not attract insects the way that wood does.  In areas where termites are prevalent, the use of HardiPlank can be incredibly helpful in minimizing the risk of termite damage to any given home.

From a safety perspective, HardiPlank is also touted as fire resistant.  While it is not fireproof, it is far less combustible than wood and vinyl siding.  Additionally, HardiPlank is known to be a relatively green material, as no toxic materials are used in its production.  While this particular quality of HardiPlank might not matter to some, those looking to keep their homes as eco-friendly as possible can certainly look towards HardiPlank as a viable siding option.  Finally, HardiPlank is designed in a manner that, when installed correctly, allows it to last.  Homeowners who choose HardiPlank for their siding projects are likely to get a terrific return on this wise investment.

Clearly, there are plenty of good reasons to have HardiPlank siding installed.  The one drawback to this particular material is its cost.  HardiPlank is one of the most expensive siding materials, and its price tag is much higher than that of vinyl or wood.  Although a portion of the upfront expense of HardiPlank can be offset over the years thanks to the material’s durability and low-maintenance requirements, for many homeowners, HardiPlank simply isn’t an option due to its initial cost.  Those do want to go the HardiPlank route should also keep in mind that since it is a fairly new material, not all contractors are aware of how to properly install it.  Therefore, any homeowner who wants this option will need to find a siding contractor who has experience working with HardiPlank.

If your home could use a refresher on the siding front and you have some money to spend, then HardiPlank might be the best option for your upcoming siding installation project.  Remember, the exterior of your home is the first thing that people are going to see as they approach your property.  By choosing HardiPlank siding, you’ll be making a smart investment that will offer you a world of benefits for years to come.


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