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Hail Damage Repair Golden Valley, Minnesota

June 30, 2010

Golden Valley Minnesota was located in the heart of the most recent MN hail storm.  Golf ball sized hail (1-3/4″) was spotted in the Minneapolis, St. Paul metro area on June 25th, 2010.  Hail of this size can cause extensive damage to cars, crops and many components of a properties exterior including roofing, siding, gutters and windows.

The storm passed through the Twin Cities metro area at 7 p.m. reports of power outages and downed trees ranged from as far East as Cottage Grove, Minnesota to Orono, MN on the west edge of the metro area.

If your home was damaged by the recent storm in Golden Valley, Minnesota, and need to file an insurance claim, contact a reliable roofing contractor that has experience in storm damage repair and restoration.

Filing insurance claims and working with your insurance agent and the company adjuster can be a nightmare. Find someone who can assist you in filing your claim and work directly with your insurance company to help you through a very trying time.  Below we have provided a list of “quick links” to several of the major insurance providers and their respective insurance claim pages.  You can quickly review their policies and guidelines.

Here is a list of the most common Roofing Insurance Claim Companies.

American Family Insurance


Erie Insurance
General Casuality
Rural Mutual
State Farm
West Bend Mutual


June 17th to 26th Severe Storm Damage In Golden Valley, Minnesota

June 30, 2010

The ten day period from June 17th through the 26th was a very active one across a large portion of the Midwest.  Minnesota had started the severe weather season fairly quiet, with only one documented tornado prior to June 17th.  However, after one of the most tornadic events in recorded Minnesota history on the 17th, an active stretch of weather persisted for the next week and a half.

If your home has sustained hail or storm damage in the Golden Valley, Minnesota area, contact a qualified roofing contractor today!  A qualified roofer will asses and adequately document that damage exists and be your advocate throughout the entire insurance claim and repair process.

Storm Report Update as of 6/29/2010:

The Roof Advisor Roof Advisor Will Determine The Best Solution For Your Specific Roofing Situation!

June 29, 2010

Roof Advisor

Since every roofing system has its strengths and weaknesses, selecting the right roofing system is one of the keys to any successful project.  To help you do that, The Roof Advisor software searches over 4,000 options to determine the best solution for your specific roofing situation.  It allows us to input detailed information about a specific property, such as location, its use, the owner’s investment horizon, and other key decision parameters.  Based on those answers, it evaluates all major roofing technologies and thousands of systems, ranking each of them to determine how it will meet the specific needs of the owner.  The top three scoring systems are then recommended.

Roof AdvisorTM Software allows GAFMC’s Certified Contractors to input detailed information about a specific property, including location, its use, the owner’s investment horizon, and other key decision parameters.   Based on those answers, it then evaluates all major roofing technologies (even some that GAFMC does not offer) and thousands of systems in its database, ranking each as to how it would meet the owner’s specified needs.  The top three-scoring systems are then recommended — along with an explanation of why they are the best

Roof Advisor is a revolutionary roof-evaluation software program that helps you select the right roofing system for your low slope roofing project.  Roof Advisor is designed for Professional Roof Consultants, Architects, Building Owners, Facility Managers and Professional Purchasing Managers.  Click Roof Advisor Photo to Start—->

Rapid Response Team For Storm Damage Mitigation

June 24, 2010

Storm Damage is Traumatic – We’re there when you need us

Weather related emergencies are an unfortunate fact of life and can’t be avoided.  A proactive response to a weather event will limit damage caused by storms and high winds and minimize any consequential damage caused by exposure to the elements.
If your roof was damaged by the recent Minnesota storms, whether by wind, hail or rain, the United Roofing and Remodeling Response Team will provide immediate assistance anywhere in the Twin Cities area.
United Roofing and Remodeling has experienced, knowledgeable personnel ready and equipped to put your home or business back in shape after the recent storm.

One phone call gets us started. When you call United Roofing & Remodeling we’ll take care of the details so you can go back to taking care of your family or your business.  We are fully staffed to handle all the specifics of your recovery such as:

  • Insurance claim specialists are on staff to assist you with professional service and knowledgeable information
  • 24 hr emergency service for: Board Up, Debris Removal, and Emergency Contracting.
  • Complete inspection of interior and exterior of property for all related damage, including possible hidden damage.

Plus  . . . We assist you with the Insurance claim process including:

  • Initiate claim
  • Claim paper work
  • Detailed estimate
  • Meet with adjuster
  • Negotiate the scope and cost of repairs with insurance company
  • Arrange proper payment from insurance company to property owner

Put your trust in an industry leader!

The name United Roofing & Remodeling Inc. means quality products and services.   We have over 20 years of extensive experience working with all types of residential and commercial exterior configurations and materials manufacturers.  We will ensure seamless damage mitigation, repair and restoration.

Clean Up After Minnesota Tornadoe Damage

June 23, 2010

Minnesota Tornadoes: Almora Albert Lea and Wadena Worst Affected

Minnesota was left in a bad shape after a series of Tornadoes ripped through the area, killing three and injuring scores. The storms went wild forcing several homes, trees, and power lines to the ground.  Hardest hit was the town of Wadena doing major damage to numerous houses and farm buildings across the state.

If your home was damaged in the latest Minnesota storm, it is important that you understand the insurance process.  Severe storms and hail race through the Twin Cities Metro area and Western Wisconsin every year.  You may have damage to your home and not even know it.  The best way to protect your home’s investment is through a qualified inspection. Even if you only feel you have minor damage, call for a free no obligation inspection.  A qualified inspection greatly increases your leverage with the insurance company.  Your insurance pays for the repairs, less the deductible.  Most home owners do not realize that there may be storm damage to their roof, siding, gutters, windows, deck, or air conditioner. Make sure you maintain the value of your largest investment.

June 17 Minnesota Tornado Damage

June 22, 2010

Tornadoes ripped through north-central and northwestern Minnesota on Thursday, knocking down trees and causing widespread damage.  High winds also struck Almora, southwest of Wadena.  The town was littered with pieces of structures, including shingles from homes.  Roofs were ripped off buildings, as the tornado tore through the city.  In an interview Thursday evening, Mayor Wayne Wolden said the city has a ton of storm damage following the tornadoes that ripped through much of Minnesota.  There are a lot of trees down and there’s a lot of shingles throughout the entire community.

There are many different areas where your roof can leak.  It is important to isolate the problem area and get it fixed as soon as possible.  Remember, it is important to have regular roof inspections done to ensure its integrity isn’t compromised.

If you are wondering if your property has been damaged by a recent Minnesota hail or wind storm, contact a reliable roofing contractor that can help you identify and repair damage to hail damaged roofs.

Cleanup After Minnesota’s Widespread Tornado Outbreak

June 21, 2010

Minnesota’s Tornado Outbreak

On June 17th, 2010, one of the worst tornado outbreaks in Minnesota’s history took place. Tornadoes touched down in northwestern and southern Minnesota, leaving Wadena and Albert Lea areas severely damaged.  Over 36 tornado reports were called in to the National Weather Service (NWS).  The previous state record for tornadoes is 27 and will hold out until the NWS has had a change to survey the damage.  Current estimations predict 16 tornadoes may have actually occurred.

Miraculously only 3 perished in the line of storms from Fargo, through Minneapolis-St. Paul, down to Albert Lea, but unfortunately the damage in aftermath of the storms is quite widespread.  Hardest hit is the town of Wadena, MN, where near 200 homes were obliterated in the storm.

If you suspect your home has sustained hail or storm damage, contact a qualified roofing contractor today!  A qualified roofer will asses and adequately document that damage exists and be your advocate throughout the entire insurance claim and repair process.

Minnesota Tornado Outbreak May Be A Record

June 20, 2010

Wadena, Minnesota is a typical small northern town with a population of 4,300. But business is anything but usual after a large tornado smashed into town around 5pm June 17th.  Tornado sirens gave plenty of warning, and there were no fatalities, but a tremendous amount of property damage followed.  A second batch of tornadoes along the Minnesota-Iowa border destroyed dozens of homes.

If you are wondering if your property has been damaged by the recent Minnesota hail or wind storm, contact a reliable roofing contractor that can help you identify and repair damage to hail damaged roofs.

Tornado Hits Albert Lea Minnesota

June 18, 2010

Roof Repairs, Roof Tearoffs, and Roof Replacements For Minnesota Homeowners

The tornadoes that formed in the sky above Minnesota Thursday PM were Kansas-size twisters, in some cases nearly 1/2 mile wide, large, long-lasting, violent tornadoes, more common in Oklahoma and Missouri than the Gopher State.  A few were multi-vortex (wedge) tornadoes, so big and fat they didn’t even resemble typical tornado funnels.  A multi-vortex tornado is composed of 3-8 mini-tornadoes, all rotating around a common center.  If one of those violent vortexes passes overhead total damage is all but insured.  This accounts for crazy stories: one home flattened, while the home across the street suffers only minor damage.  To see the video of the tornado that hit near Albert Lea click here.

Roof Repair

We all know how Minnesota weather can turn nasty without notice.  Spring storms are especially troublesome and we often are in need of minor to major roof repair.  Repairing a roof is the process where an existing roofing system has suffered damage, or aged or additions and adjustments are made to it.  

Re-Roofing – Tear off and Recovers

Re-roofing is the process of installing a new roof when a roofing system fails.  Roofing system failures can be caused by a number of factors, including age, severe weather, poor workmanship, defective materials, improper specification of a roofing system, abuse and failure to maintain the roof properly.

Roof Maintenance

Maintenance involves the physical inspection of an existing roofing system to determine its current condition, detect weakness and failures and identify any potential future problems.   Through a program of regularly scheduled annual or semiannual roof inspections, homeowners can protect their roofing investments by seeking to identify damage in its early stages.   Early detection of leaks and roof system failures make it possible to repair and extend the life of a roof system, which is significantly less expensive and time consuming than replacing an entire roof.

If your property has been affected by storm damage (hail or wind) or if you are wondering if your property has been damaged by a recent Minnesota hail or wind storm, contact your local roofing contractor.  It is crucial that you find a credible contractor that is trained in storm damage insurance negotiation.

make sure you

Take Care Of Your Roof And It Will Take Care Of You

June 15, 2010

Roof Maintenance  

It does not matter if your roof is wood shake-shingles, comp shingles, tile, hot mop or whatever.  Your roof needs you.  Roof maintenance should be done seasonally or at least semi-annually.  Before harsh winter sets in again is a good time.  Walk your roof slowly and inspect it thoroughly one section at a time.  Get rid of all leaves, branches, twigs and any other debris.   An electric or gas blower does this job nicely. 

Look for broken or missing shingles, shakes or tiles.  Nail down or replace shakes that are curled and sticking up.  Replace shakes that are exposing felt between shakes. Nails sticking up should be driven down.  Trim tree branches hanging within 4ft of roof.  Clear gutters and downspouts by spraying water with a hose.

Pay particular attention to roof protrusions and where different sections of roofs meet or intersect with walls.  Most roof leaks develop in these areas.  Roof protrusions are anything that sticks thru the roof, such as pipes, vents, chimneys etc.  Remove cracked or dried out caulking and replace with a good polyurethane caulking.  Use a wire brush if necessary and make sure surface is clean and dry.  Seal loose bricks and mortar in chimneys.  Dab some roof cement under any loose comp shingles.  

Listed below are the top 5 leak causing areas on a roof

1. Chimneys
2. Roof mounted AC units
3. Roof mounted solar panels
4. Dormer vents, heat vents, and plumbing vents
5. Valleys and crickets

Inspect the ceilings and walls on the inside of your home.  In most cases a spot on the ceiling will tell you that you have a leak.  In more extreme case the sheetrock will actually cave in.  The first sign of a roof leak should be fixed immediately, before extreme damage occurs.  Take care of your roof and it will take care of you.