Roof Design Considerations

 Roof Pitch Is The Number 1 Factor In Roof Design

A roof with a 12/12 pitch that looks aesthetically pleasing can add as much as 50% or more to the initial cost of a roof when compared to the same house with a 4/12 pitch.

Why does a steeper pitch add so much to the price?

Here we are going to compare a 12/12 pitch to a 4/12 pitch.
12/12 has 37.5 % more roof area 
12/12 roofing labor is 50 % + per roofing square
Rafter and sheathing labor is 50% more
Roof framing lumber is more

Other factors that add to the increased price can include:

  • Taller chimney
  • More attic ventilation
  • Increased painting costs
  • Increased stucco or siding costs
  • Roof maintenance costs, although the need is less frequent
  • On the plus side most roofing materials can last 50% longer

This means that if you are going to use a steeper pitch it would be wise to use one of the better top end roofing materials available.

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    Thanks for the info. very nice and helpful blog

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