The Prestige & Elegance Of A Slate Roof

Add A Touch Of Elegance To Your Home With A Slate Roof

Slate is a tried and true roofing material for building a beautiful and very long lasting roof for any structure.  The 100 year life expectancy is no projection—it is the result of “field application”.

As one of the premier roofing materials, slate roofs have a history of adding prestige and elegance to many homes.

Not only has slate been revered for its appearance, it is also highly recommended due to the fact that slate roofs are extremely durable and weather resistant.

Remember, it is important to regularly check your slate roofs for any signs of damage, wear, or tear.   If any of the slate needs to be repaired, it is recommended that you have a professional roofing contractor fix those immediately.  When slate becomes brittle, it can easily be replaced.  In fact, when slate is properly maintained, it has a life span of nearly 100 years.

  • One of the things to consider about using slate is the fact that it is very expensive. So, if you choose to install a slate roof or if your home already has slate boards, it is important that you invest the money, time, and care in maintenance and repair.  A good preventative roofing maintenance plan is the best way to ensure that your slate roof remains durable and strong.
  • Since slate is expensive, it is not recommended that homeowners attempt to work on slate roofs themselves.  It is important to have the roof inspected regularly and to be on the lookout for any signs of deterioration.  Some of these include loose nails, deterioration of nails and slate boards that are slipping.
  • When hiring a roofing contractor to install or repair slate roofing, it is very important to hire a roofer that has proven experience working with slate.  There are many roofing contractors who specialize in slate roofing, and it is best to use an experienced roofer due to the high cost of slate.  You should also make sure that your roofing contractor checks the condition of the wood under the slate and makes certain that it is solid.
  • Often times, slate will withstand extreme conditions without damage, but the underlying wood may begin to deteriorate.   This will need to be repaired if it is found to be damaged.  Because the expense associated with slate roofing is high, you will find that you should only use qualified and experienced roofing professionals to ensure that your slate roof is maintained to increase its longevity.

Slate is one of the oldest and most durable roofing materials.  It is also one of the most beautiful.  Slate roofs have crowned landmark buildings for centuries, and some of these roofs have lasted hundreds of years.

But there are disadvantages to slate roofs.  They are expensive and difficult to install.  They are also heavy, and the building must be designed to support the extra weight.  This involves higher costs in new construction projects and rules out slate as an option in most re-roofing situations.

However, GAF Materials Corporation provides contractors and homeowners with an option to use genuine slate at a fraction of the cost and less installed weight with its TruSlate Roofing System.

Talk to a reliable Minnesota roofing contractor for more information about a new roofing system for your home.


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