EPDM Roofing Systems Are An Energy Efficient Option

Commercial EPDM Single – Ply Roofing System Part 4

Longevity Pays

Other important aspects of designing an energy-efficient roofing system are product durability and the role of life cycle assessment (LCA), which evaluates the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle. Although the USGBC has incorporated LCA of building materials in its LEED rating system, some industry experts believe there is an overemphasis on environmental benefits without equal concern for durability.

In a white paper titled “Life Cycle Assessment and the LEED Green Building Rating System,” Dr. James L. Hoff, DBA, research director for the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing, explained, “É no building product should be considered truly sustainable unless it also meets or exceeds the desired durability of the building itself.”

In terms of roofing, the primary concern with LEED is the insufficient emphasis on durability. For example, a project can achieve one LEED point for painting the building’s roof with a reflective coating, some of which may last less than five years. However, no credit is afforded for selecting a high-performance, non-reflective roofing system that may be designed and warranted to last 30 years or more.

Life cycle costs of EPDM membranes are lower than those of other popular low-slope roofing systems. EPDM membrane durability has also led to long life expectancy ratings, including more than 23 years in covered applications, more than 26 years in exposed applications and an estimate of more than 50 years for ultimate service life.

In the face of challenging economic times, choosing roofing materials that can help reduce overall energy costs involves looking beyond surface color. For more than 40 years, architects, roof consultants and contractors have relied on EPDM’s weatherability, durability and other long-term performance attributes. Today, the environmental benefits of EPDM play an equally significant role in determining what roofing system is best suited for an individual building.

Talk to a Minnesota commercial roofing contractor to find out if an EPDM roof system is the right choice for your building.

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  2. Sam Biondo Says:

    EPDM still the #1 commercial flat roofing membrane available, i don’t care what new products they keep trying to promote, especially in these economically challenged times when every other product’s pricing keeps going up, EPDM is still maintains it’s competitive & affordable pricing!

  3. Felisha Floth Says:

    Hi .. thank you regarding your current awesome posting .. i discovered it by simply browsing on google. I allready bookmark it and also hope to see a lot more great posts by you! Cheers 🙂

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  6. Daniel Mckay Says:

    Fantastic article on EPDM being an energy efficient “tool”.

    Please read my latest blog post on why EPDM is the future of roofing


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