Ice Dams Causing Serious Damage To Minnesota Homes

Weather Conditions Make Ice Dam Problems Worse In Minnesota

Finally, the rain. You think Thursday’s rainfall was a good thing because it whisked away some snow? Not necessarily. Water retention, especially on flat roofs, could compound the problem, as could freezing temperatures today and Saturday. The melting-freezing cycle is a big reason the ice dam epidemic could continue into the New Year.

In the Twin Cities, many longtime property managers and homeowners say this is the first time in memory they have grappled with significant ice dams. They fear gutter damage, water damage, mold and even collapsed roofs.

A spokeswoman for State Farm Insurance said the insurer has received about 50 claims per day regarding ice dams in the metro area, or more than 500 to date.

Why is this year so bad?

“We’ve had 34 inches of snow in one month,” said Paul Douglas, former Twin Cities television meteorologist and founder of WeatherNation, a weather news service in Excelsior.

Douglas called the convergence of snow, thaw and rain a “worst-case scenario” for ice dams. But he said there’s a pale light at the end of the tunnel: Drips and leaks should stop tonight as temperatures fall and rooftop snow stops melting.

We’re going to be below freezing through next week, so homeowners may have a chance to catch up and try to get rid of some of these ice dams.

There’s also the chance rain and higher temperatures knocked off enough snow and ice to eliminate some ice dams.

In some roof configurations, if there’s not good drainage, it could actually add to the problem. It just wasn’t warm long enough.”

If you have experienced  ice damming, contact a reliable roofing contractor to repair the roof damage as soon as possible. They will work with your insurance company and can assist you in filing your claim.


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